Southern waterfowl outfitters is your dedicated outfitter for Waterfowl in the South. We offer guided duck hunts for diver ducks and sea ducks.

Our Diver Duck hunts are done on Lake Seminole in south Ga. Our forte in South Ga are canvasbacks, redheads, blue bills, ring necks, bufflehead, and goldeneye, although we have kill quite the mixed bag every season. We hunt out of custom boats with mud motors and layout boats. Lake Seminole is the largest wintering hole for the mighty Canvasback duck in the Eastern Flyway. They are some of the toughest ducks to kill, and quite arguably the most majestic looking, and definitely the wildest of all ducks we have ever encountered.

We also do guided hunts on the Outer Banks in NC. These are a mixed bag of sea ducks, brant, some puddlers, and diver ducks. Our guide has prime box blind locations, and also has a specialized boat set up for Sea Duck hunting.

"What our customers are saying"

"If you want a guide who truly cares about putting you on a lot of bucket list birds safely (Seminole is an extremely dangerous lake if you don't want know where you're going or what are you doing), then Matt is your guy. I've been hunting with other guides in Florida and in North Carolina and they don't hold a candle to Matt. I've never seen someone call driver ducks like he can, I always thought they were like wood ducks and wound't respond to calling but he proved me wrong. Truly unique waterfowl experience"